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We have a well-equipped nursery with inviting rooms full of stimulating toys and activities to help children develop skills and learn through play.

At Poppies a child can feel at home, make friends and develop as an individual in a safe and caring environment. Call us to take a look around...

Age Range

Baby room

We welcome babies from three months old. We work very closely with parents because we recognize the importance of continuity of routine between home and nursery.

Toddler room

Children from approximately 18 months old develop through a balance of play, structured, independent, guided and shared activities.

Pre-school room

Children enjoy our pre-school curriculum for 3 - 5 year olds that meet all current objectives in Early Years Education and develop within a flexible framework. Your child's key person will be able to draw upon a wide range of our resources and equipment to ensure individual needs are met.

At the end of every session attended, you will receive informal feedback about your child's day.

Food & Nutrition

Delicious organic lunches

We are lucky enough to be able to provide the children at Poppies a three week rolling lunch menu. Our food is provided by Plymouth based company OK Foods, these are delicious organic child friendly meals.

OK Foods is passionate about contributing to the healthy development of children through an organic & whole food diet and believes that good eating patterns begin in the early years. OK Foods prepare all their meals with natural and organic food without artificial colours, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats.

OK Foods

The menus reflect a diversity of cultures, enhancing children's taste experiences of the wider world.

Special dietary requirements can be accommodated and weaning babies are catered for appropriate to their age.

We provide all formula milk and bottles. These are sterilised and prepared by our baby room staff. We welcome breast-feeding mothers by providing storage for expressed milk.

We provide the children with a healthy breakfast of wholemeal toast and a variety of cereals. Snacks of fresh fruit are offered in the morning and afternoon. Drinks are always available and there are water coolers in the toddler and pre-school rooms.

Children are offered afternoon tea at 4pm, tea is a variety of meals for example baked beans on wholemeal toast, wholemeal pitta breads with tuna and vegetable soup.

Registered No. 05694502.