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It is such a hard decision to return to work after having your baby. For me this was made so much easier knowing the care and attention he receives every day that he attends Poppies.

He looks forward to going, he is excited, comes home full of joy telling us all about his day and the activities he has done.

He adores the nursery workers, knows them all by name and tells me if he has fallen who cuddled him better.

It is such peace of mind knowing your child is safe, protected, happy and so well cared for in the hands of Poppies. Poppies is an exception in child care. I knew the minute I walked in to view the nursery this is where I wanted my children to come. Nothing else I viewed came close to Poppies I would recommend Poppies to anyone without hesitation.

Claire & Mark Richman.

James has attended Poppies 4 days a week since September 2009. He's very happy with his nursery (he runs to that red door every morning) and so are we!

The staff have without exception provided a very high standard of care - they are professional and warm, energetic and creative. Firm and fair when necessary but very understanding, reassuring and positive.

James has developed beautifully in their care and Ed and I can't recommend the nursery highly enough.

Clare Saunders.

During the past five years, my two sons have spent most of the working week at Poppies, and I couldn't have wished for a better environment for them to grow and develop in during their early years.

Poppies is a bright, happy place, where children are treated as real individuals. Since day one, I have had absolute confidence in Donna Davey and her team.

Donna manages Poppies with an easy efficiency and a warm touch, fostering great team spirit amongst the staff, which makes for strong relationships with parents, and a clear sense of a community for the children to be part of.

My boys have loved their time at Poppies - they have been given the space to grow as their own little people, and to form strong friendships with other children.

Poppies has also been a great source of support for me as a parent, knowing that I can always turn to any of the staff for sound, caring advice.

Annie Hawton.

Poppies offers me peace of mind, as my daughter loves going to nursery.

The activities and play keep her very stimulated.

She loves telling me about her day when I pick her up.

My son will also be going to Poppies soon and I have no doubt that he will be just as happy.

Emily Egan.

I have two children at Poppies whilst I work full-time.

The confidence I have in the management and staff at Poppies to care for my children professionally and with warmth makes leaving my children at nursery in the morning stress free, allowing me to concentrate on my working day.

I know that the nursery staff will contact me directly should they have any concerns, no matter how slight, about how my children are.

Staff at Poppies work with me to set goals and targets in my children's development in order that we have shared expectations that we can discuss and review.

At the end of the day when I collect my children they are raring to tell me of all the interesting things they have done at Poppies.

Mrs JM.

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Childrens Quotes

We asked some of our children 'what do you like about Nursery?'
This is what they said...

I love it when the Lego is out

Scott , Aged 4.

I love to play with the marble tower; you've got to say please can I play with the marble tower.

Tristan, aged 3.

I like playing with my friends at Poppies

Tansi, aged 3.

Staff Quotes

What our staff say...

"I have been working at Poppies since it opened in May 2006. I enjoy coming to work each day and can't wait to see what each day will bring.

Everyone at Poppies has the same values that the children's care is paramount.

I always wanted to work with children since I was young and couldn't imagine doing anything else that I love as much."

Jacqui Perkins, Nursery Nurse.

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